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What is a tax delinquent foreclosure?               Click here to see active foreclosure cases.

A foreclosure is a lawsuit against the property with certified delinquent property taxes. This lawsuit is filed on behalf of the county treasurer to retrieve the delinquent taxes owed on the property.

Why does the county foreclosure on properties?

Logan County collects property taxes on behalf of municipalities, school districts, libraries and various important health and human service programming. These entities rely on property tax to support their operations as a primary or secondary source of revenue. The foreclosure process allows the County to recoup delinquent taxes on a property in order to continue funding for these services, and helps to reduce the risks for vacant property crime.

The process is handled either through judicial review or the Logan County Board of Revision.

In a judicial review, title work is completed and the addresses of the owners are verified. Service must be perfected, meaning that the owners have to receive notice of the foreclosure. There is a motion to schedule a hearing date, which can be held within 90 and 180 days of the process. The case is heard by a magistrate, who will render a decision within two weeks.

In a Board of Revision hearing, the steps are the same, however it is an expedited process. This process is typically for abandoned properties and vacant lots.

What should I do if I have a foreclosure notice?

If you find yourself in a foreclosure situation, please reach out to the Logan County Treasury Department. If a property owner is on an active delinquent tax payment plan, and currently making on-time payments as well as paying the current taxes on the property, a foreclosure can be mitigated. While the property owner will still accrue prosecutors fees and court costs, the home will not be subjected to a sheriff's sale.

To apply for a delinquent tax payment plan, please fill out a Delinquent Tax Payment Plan Application. The treasurers office will attempt to contact you within 5 business day from receipt of application.

What are the steps of a tax foreclosure?

There are several steps in the foreclosure process. The Prosecutor's office is responsible for handling the foreclosure process. To learn more information, please visit Tax Foreclosure in Ohio

What are the steps to avoid a tax foreclosure?

If you find that you are having trouble making your tax payments twice yearly, set up Automatic Withdrawl for Real Estate to pay your current taxes monthly in advance. Are you already delinquent? Fill out a Delinquent Tax Payment Plan application. The Tresury Department want to help you. Give us a call at 937-599-7223 and speak with one of our Property Tax Customer Representatives to learn more.